Mayfair Imagery provides high quality materials for your images; Acrylic Glass, Brushed Metallic and ACM. We can print on any material you require. Contact us for more enquiries about our products & materials.


Acrylic Glass

Direct print behind acrylic glass

  • Crystal-clear acrylic glass
  • Optical depth & perfect brilliance
  • Light-resistant & UV-protected
  • Hanging system included

Photo print on acrylic

Presented behind acrylic glass, your image has remarkable depth and colour intensity. Combined with the sturdy backing, the result is a powerful object that appears to float on your wall.

The very latest UV-resistant printer ensures the colours are particularly intense; in full resolution and free of pixellation, its the ideal product for images you want to bring to life.

The surface

Acrylic glass gives your photos remarkable luminosity and optical depth. The acrylic glass layer protects your picture from harmful UV rays, leaving colour photographs shining for decades to come.

Acrylic is also much lighter and more robust than standard glass. This makes it easier to hang on the wall and helps to prevent damage.



Brushed surface aluminium gives your photos an exceptional metallic finish. During production the the surface is ground horizontally to produce a brushed effect. Any areas of the image that are white or very light will be left unprinted and therefore inherit the metallic appearance.

As with all other products from Mayfair Imagery, if you choose the direct print on brushed aluminium, you have complete freedom with regards to format. Sizes are your choice and we can make an image cropped how you like to fit your shape, so if it’s a panoramic image you want, you can have it! Our UV-printing technology is colour-fast, UV-stable, and waterproof.

So your ACM Print is therefore suitable for indoor areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen, and also sheltered outdoor areas.


Aluminium has fascinated mankind for over two hundred years, probably because this modest metal can be used just about anywhere.

A 3mm thick composite panel: two thin aluminium sheets sandwich a black polyethylene core to ensure maximum stability and water resistance. We print directly onto the finished surface for your HD metal prints, it truly shines as an extraordinary way to present photographs.  The material is unbelievably strong and durable and holding up to external influences without warping, meaning your HD metal prints from Mayfair Imagery will last for a long time.